My So-Called Life … as we know it

I casually watched (it was on in the background) the new ABC series “life as we know it” tonight. And then I was mysteriously transported back a decade to 1994 when I watched the new ABC series “My So-Called Life.” The two shows are so similar I kept hoping that somehow the new show would feature Jordan Catalano in a cameo. No such luck.

The main difference between “So-Called” and “know it” is that the latter is from a male point-of-view and the former a female point-of-view. The new show features a couple quasi-dorky male teens in their quest to get laid. The old show featured quasi-dorky Angela in her quest to lay Jordan Catalano (but then she got scared when he took her to an abandoned house to carry out the deed, and then Jordan suggested that perhaps Angela was “abnormal,” and then she obsessed about him some more).

I wonder if this new series will ultimately face an untimely demise like its predecessor. Time will tell. I’m not going to watch it die.


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