Window pains

I’m happy to report that we survived the weekend of window installation. And by “we,” I mean Roth and his dad, who did all the work of replacing six windows in just two days while I mostly just took a nap on the lawn. His mom was there, too, but she kept herself busy by reading a book. Reading? What’s that?*

I have to say, I am totally impressed and so very proud of my husband’s more “manly” abilities. In addition to making a fabulous raspberry tart, which we scarfed down over the course of two days, he can swing a hammer like nobody’s business, too. It was funny, however, when his mom pointed out that caulking a window is like decorating a cake. It seems his culinary skillz are transferable from the kitchen to the outside world as well. If you think you cannot caulk on your own you can go to these guys to get the caulking done for your window.  Speaking of caulk, the jokes never stopped. I was on the phone with Roth’s brother while Roth was caulking a window.

I tried to pass the phone to him, but Roth’s hands were full. I told his brother this, to which he replied, “I don’t want to talk to him while he’s holding his caulk.” Heh. And I got a chuckle when his dad asked me, “You can never have too much caulk, right Jen?” INDEED.

(We’re talking about windows here. Get your mind out of the gutter, people!)

Since the boys finished the windows earlier than they first anticipated, they’re now working on replacing the back door, which is so very fabulous, I can hardly stand it. My new back door is so clean and pretty, and it has a window, too! Who knew brand spankin’ new housewares could send me into such a state of twitterpation?

Speaking of Twitter, remember how I was reluctant to sign up because I just couldn’t bear the thought of one more internet interface to occupy my time? Well … *hangs head in shame* … it’s kind of growing on me. While yes, I agree it’s totally indulgent to post little “what I’m doing/thinking” snippets and expect people to read them, it’s a lot less pressure than regular ‘ol blogging that requires a bit more thought and consideration. I’m not really using the site to its full extent, as I’m simply posting from the web, not from my phone.

But I have been updating a couple times per day, so if you need a little fix of the inanity when I’ve failed to post something new here, go there. I just may Twitter our upcoming camping trip, if I can just figure out how to be not so textarded.

*I kid, I kid. But seriously, I haven’t read a book for pleasure in a long time, what with the interweb and blogs. Pathetic, I know.



  1. I’m addicted to Twitter myself. I don’t know that anyone cares what I have to say on there, but that’s the same with my blog. It’s fun to send little messages out and due to some emails, texts, etc. that I get, I know someone reads them!

  2. Ah, yes. We had many the caulk joke when we were caulking the paneling in the den. I was MUCH better at handling the caulk than Huz was. (hee, hee) I’d love to get new storm windows because ours are old, ugly, and difficult to open. They’re pricey though, aren’t they? :-/

  3. I’ve just started World War Z and I’m so excited to be reading a book for pleasure. I was a tad apprehensive about even picking a book out, muchless committing to becoming an actual reader of enjoyment again.
    You know, there’s a Madonna song that comes to mind, hmmm how does it go? Like a virg… Uh, nevermind. ;)

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