The greatest gift

For Christmas this year, Roth and I planned to exchange stockings filled with thoughtful little gifts rather than spend a lot of money on big-ticket items, as we normally might do any other year. We were to only spend $50 each, the idea to find each other’s favorite treats and trinkets, little tokens of our love and affection for one another. I, for one, was very much looking forward to shopping for Roth’s stocking gifts, and I figured I would have time to do so earlier this week, as things were winding down at work.

Well, nuts. Both of us weren’t able to get around to that last week, seeing as I up and had a baby. But that’s OK. Roth and I agreed that the birth of Rowan was gift enough for a lifetime to come.

Rowan family

Happy Holidays, all!



  1. I love the way his beautiful little face is upturned to Mommy while his wee body is supported by Daddy. An awesome first (?) family portrait!

  2. I love this picture of you guys, you all look so unbelievably happy.
    Presents start to matter very little once their are kids involved, Christmas is all about them now, rightfully so!

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