Place your past into a book

I know this homemade movie is hardly groundbreaking, nor does it even begin to scratch the surface of his first year. None of these photos or videos are never-before-seen – in fact, all of them are on Flickr – but it’s really something special to see them all again in chronological order, set to music I picked out many months ago when I first had the idea to make this movie for Rowan’s birthday.

This movie is totally indulgent and ridiculously long and I don’t expect anyone other than the grandparents to watch all nine-plus minutes of it, but it was important for me to make it, if nothing more than a chance to look back, reflect, then look forward.

Here’s to the rest of your life, my sweet boy.

Year One from Jen G. on Vimeo.

Music credits: “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” by Iron & Wine and “Lullaby” by Sia.



  1. Linda

    What about Great Aunt? She will watch ALL of it! I started tearing up as soon as the music started.

  2. Love, his Beppe

    Wow! That is beautiful. The year went by so fast! I see more and more of Roth’s feature’s in Rowan as he grows. He is becoming his own little person with hopefully the best traits of both of you and the long lineage of family that came before him! Kiss him for me.

  3. Oooh, I’m excited to watch this later. I love photo montages. Especially of people I happen to know and love.
    (And Flightless Bird was on the Twilight soundtrack! Which I probably only know because I finally bought it a year later and was just listening to it last night. It’s a pretty great soundtrack actually.)

  4. So, so sweet. What a wonderful video to have. And the pictures with Sierra just about killed me. I gasped and teared up.

  5. cj

    Beautiful, gorgeous to watch the little man grow up and A. you’re right, Sierra was right there in my mind too. I am so sorry she is not there for him to grow up with. But I know you guys think that anyway.
    From someone across the pond who loves your updates and your gorgeous family. xxx HAPPY CHRISTMAS. XX

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