Friday, I’m in love

Sundry shared a list of things she’s bought lately that have made her happy, and I thought I’d follow suit here. You know, to demonstrate how I’m single-handedly stimulating the economy. Or Target’s economy, as it were.

Toddler Converse in Oxford Blue
On Wednesday, I had a hour to kill in between doctor appointments, so I decided to spend it at Target. BY MYSELF. Anyone with children will understand what a rare treat this was. Of course, I ended up buying something for my darling son. I just couldn’t resist these adorable navy blue low-tops. They’re about a size too big at the moment, and I’m sure lace-up shoes at his age will drive me nuts, but look:

So cute, right? And on clearance!

Springmaid Maura Comforter Set in Daffodil
A couple months ago, we decided to give our bedroom a mini-makeover. I fully intend to post before and after pictures, except that it’s still not quite done. But I will when it is! In the meantime, take a gander at our new bedding:

I’ve never been one to jump on any sort of style bandwagon, but I’ve been seeing a lot of rooms (and clothes) decorated in yellows and dark grays. Something about this color combination makes my heart sing, so when I saw this yellow-gold bedding at Crate & Barrel, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was on sale, but it had to be ordered, and I waited too long, and the price went up. But then I found a similar set at Target for a lot less. I’ve paired it with very dark gray sheets (which complement our new wall color and IKEA furniture — more on that soon). It’s a fantastic combination of masculinity and femininity, even with the flowers. ‘Tis lovely, I think.

Gap Long & Lean Jeans
Old Navy Plaid Roll-Sleeve Camp Shirt

I don’t why I ever buy any other style of jeans when Gap’s Long & Leans are truly the best fit for my body. I wore the heck out of three different pairs over the last couple years, and sadly, all three are just about threadbare. So I splurged on them in a dark wash, which pair nicely with this breezy camp shirt in yellow. (See: I like yellow. A LOT.)

Ju-Ju-Be BeRich Wallet
Last week when I posted about the girth of my wallet, Nanette came to the rescue and suggested I try a slimmer, sleeker design by her company Ju-Ju-Be. I got my new BeRich in the mail a couple days ago, and already my canvas tote bag feels about five pounds lighter with this lovely number instead of my former leather monstrosity. (Probably didn’t hurt that I cleared out about a pound worth of pennies, too.)

Moleskine 2010 Weekly Notebook
I like pen-and-paper planners. I use this one. It’s got a weekly calendar on the left, and ruled space on the right for jotting down notes and lists. It also features an elastic belly band and a ribbon marker. Keeps me organized without all the bells and whistles of a digital organizer.

Tell me, what swoon-worthy items have you bought lately?



  1. B wears a pair of lace-up Chucks, and they are surprisingly not too annoying. They don’t come untied as often as you might think, though he does untie them himself sometimes in the car.

    Yellow is my favorite color. I love that bedding!

  2. We also love the One Stars we bought for Ainsley (in pink, of course). Double knot them and you should be fine. They’re great because they go with almost everything.

    We got a new mattress about a month ago and I absolutely love it.

  3. Love.Your.Mom

    Yes, Jen..double knot the shoes like I did yours and Jimmy’s.. I still double knot mine so I don’t have to re-tie them so often as well when I wear lace-ups. Maybe when I’m up there, we can find drapes or curtains that will really liven up your bedroom… okay? Give that finished look. I still love the grommet ones I got for my living room.

  4. I love that bedding! I’m bummed my husband hates yellow, because that comforter is gorgeous. I also love the Converse shoes…so cute!

    Sadly, I’m having trouble coming up with anything fun I’ve bought lately. I’ve been behaving myself since I just came off of maternity leave and we’re still kind of broke. I did buy this Exersaucer for Nico for $20 on Craigslist:

    I also got him some really cute navy blue pjs from Old Navy with light blue lions on them, but I can’t find a picture online. Oh, and I got a pair of jeans on clearance at Kohl’s for myself. They’re a size bigger than my pre-pregnancy fat jeans, but hey…they fit and they look nice, so that counts for a lot.

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