State of our union

Sometimes I get so caught up in wanting to write the perfect post — one that’s tied to some sort of theme, a poignant reflection on my current state in life — that I tend to neglect writing anything at all, leaving family and friends wondering what in the heck is going on in our lives at this very moment. I had this realization today as I was writing back a family member who asked how things were going lately. My response started to take a turn toward novella-length proportions, which got me thinking I’m probably due for a more “state of the union”-type post.

So, what have we been up to?

Roth and I officially started the Couch to 5K program last week, and I’m happy to report we successfully completed the first week and started the second week last night without puking and/or passing out. Running is definitely hard (and hard on our bodies), but at this point, I think running a 5K is not insurmountable. In fact, I’m aiming my sights on running my first race at the end of the eighth week in Portland (with Kerri!). Couch to 5K is a family affair, with Roth pushing Rowan in the stroller, and we try to complete each 20-minute session right after work, before settling in for dinner, bath and bedtime. So far, it’s been an easy addition to our weeknight regime.

Rowan is now 16 months old, and every day he continues to equal-parts amaze and exhaust us with his developments and antics. At his 15-month checkup, he was 32 inches tall and almost 30 pounds! He’s definitely at the top of the charts for weight, and right around average for height. I joked on Facebook that dressing him these days is like trying to diaper and put a onesie on a WWE star. The boy’s got the scissor hold down! I’ve had to get really creative with figuring out how to distract him just long enough to get him ready for daycare in the morning. Currently, I can give him a peeled tangerine in a ramekin, and that keeps the impromptu wrestling matches at bay.

He’s been walking since he was 11 months old, but only in the last month or so have we let him explore more of the outside world. Sometimes we’ll let him walk alongside his stroller during an evening walk, but it’s sort of like herding a cat, making sure he doesn’t wander into someone’s yard, as he’s wont to do. He wants nothing to do with holding hands, and when we try to gently guide him on a straight path, he throws a fit, as if we’re keeping him down, man. But it’s so much fun to watch him toddle around the backyard, plucking the fuzzy heads off dandelions and handing us every pine cone he encounters as if it’s the greatest thing he’s ever seen.

Rowan’s definitely a chatterbox. His vocabulary is still quite limited, but he’s never not “talking” about something. So far, he can say: mama, dada, hi, bye, yes (yesch), no, I know, oh no, shoes, socks (sounds a lot like sucks), cheese, ‘nana (banana), and at least a dozen more jibbery words I’m sure will eventually morph into actual words. He’s very expressive when he talks, often using his hands, or shaking his head from side to side. Smiles and giggles are not hard to come by, but man, can that kid dissolve into a tantrumy mess at the drop of a hat. Sometimes I feel like he’s that girlfriend on Seinfeld, the one who easily cries at any and every little thing. I’m constantly consoling him for the silliest of injustices. “It’s OK, it’ll be all right. We can get you another string cheese.”

Last week I bought a used, in-perfect-condition Kelty Kids carrier on Craigslist for just $25 (total score!), so now we can take him hiking. We tried it out for the first time last weekend on a really mellow around-the-lake sort of hike in the mountains, and he mostly seemed to enjoy the experience, just taking in all of the scenery as we ambled along the path. Roth, on the other hand, took a bit of beating, as Rowan (is heavy, and he) delighted in yanking his sideburns from behind. But it’s great to be able to get back on the trails this spring, just in time to work our way up to being able to hike in Yellowstone and Glacier National Park, as is our plan for a summer vacation this year.

We’ve signed on again this summer to participate in a CSA, wherein we’ll get a weekly box of fresh veggies from a local farm. My good friend (and former co-worker) Gabby is heading up the program again, and this year we get to choose which items we want in our box every week. I’m probably most excited about the eggs, a new addition to the CSA this year. Subscribing to a CSA is indeed a little more expensive than buying our veggies and eggs at a grocery store, but the weekly pricing is on par with what we’d pay at a local farmer’s market, if not even less, in some cases. I’m thrilled to be able to support the local farming community, and hopefully we can take Rowan to see where some of our food comes from, including the chicken farm.

This weekend I’m headed to Vancouver for one night to experience my first-ever TequilaCon. I hadn’t planned on going, thinking an event centered around tequila drinking wouldn’t really be my kind of thing, but calling it TequilaCon is somewhat of a misnomer. As I understand it, it’s actually just an opportunity for bloggers to get together and hang out (and drink, yes, but not necessarily tequila), and every year the event (now in its sixth year) takes place in a new city. Kerri is driving up from Portland and picking me up on the way, and there I’ll get to hang out with blog buds Sizzle (and her darling new beau Mr. Darcy) and Angella, among other awesome bloggers I’ve yet to meet. I’ve only been to Vancouver once before for a night, so I’m excited to explore the city again, too.

Other than that, we’re kinda just enjoying the rhythm of life. How ’bout you?



  1. DUDE. Cute kid, lovely update, blah, blah, blah.


    You know we need to do another bathroom photo, right? :)

  2. For what it’s worth, I love everything you write. I was telling someone about who I was excited to meet at BlogHer and you were the first I said. (Although, whoo, I get to meet you before that!)

  3. ZOMG TequilaCon is almost here! I should probably finish packing now, shouldn’t I?

    And yes, there’s definitely no requirement to drink tequila (or anything, really) at TCon. I usually avoid it like the plague, myself…

    Looking forward to meeting you – safe travels!

  4. Excited to see you on Saturday. :-)

    I think it is great that you and Roth have that Couch to 5k goal and are working on incorporating exercise into your daily routine. It’s inspiring! (And I need inspiration right about now.) Though you guys carrying Rowan on your backs while hiking is probably the equivalent to hiking twice as far given his adorable heft. Man, that kid is CUTE.

  5. Gabby

    First, congrats on starting the family on a jogging regimen! That’s no easy task. I have to be unemployed and done with every other possible chore in the house before I’ll go for a jog, so I’m impressed you are making it a daily thing.

    Second, I am glad that among Rowan’s limited vocabulary is the word “cheese.” Mommy, daddy, and cheese. Priorities, man.

    Third, glad to hear you are taking advantage of the amazing cheapness of craigslist, especially for baby stuff (there’s always so much!). I just got a free printer yesterday. Where would we be without craigslist?

    And last, I’m excited to put together your box each week! I don’t know how much hands-on I’ll get with each and every box (I mean, jeez, 500 boxes?) but you know I’m not above playing favorites, wink wink.

  6. I’m a fan of the Couch to 5K. Currently, I’m on the 5k to Couch plan as I’ve not run since March, but I’m ready to be back to running.

  7. Which CSA are you doing? We’ve been looking for one that is reasonably priced and the idea that you get to pick some of what you get is fantastic.

    Can you and Kerri swing by and pick me up on the way, I could use a weekend away!

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