Confessions of the random kind

Because Roth hates going to these stores, two or three times a month I go to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Ross alone on my lunch break, just to look around. Sometimes I’ll try on a dress or a pair of shoes, but I very rarely buy anything. I used to do this on my way home from work, but now that I’m commuting with Rowan, I don’t. This occasional lunchtime excursion soothes my soul like only retail therapy can.

I don’t eat fast food, outside of an emergency, there-are-like-no-other-options-on-this-road-trip transgression here or there. But sometimes I fantasize about going to Burger King. The other day I was at a grocery store in the same shopping center as a BK, and that familiar smell of charbroiled Whopper wafted across my nose, instantly transporting me back to my crown-wearing childhood. I was alone, just picking up a few items, and I thought, “I could totally drive through and get myself a Whopper, eat it in the car, and no one would know.” I didn’t, but I was tempted.

I have a very bad habit of only listening to the first few seconds of a song before skipping to next when my iPod is on shuffle, which is most of the time, barely giving the song a chance to resonate before deciding I don’t want to listen to it in its entirety. My dad does this, too, and recently I noticed that Rowan does this with his books. He’ll bring one to me, settle in to my lap, I’ll read a page or two, and he’ll announce, “All done!” And it’s on the next book. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’ve heard a lot of chatter on the interwebz that fans of the show Glee aren’t necessarily fans of Mr. Schu, or more specifically, Mr. Schu’s dancing and/or rapping. I’m new to Glee, so perhaps this might get old, but I actually like when Mr. Schu, aka Matthew Morrison, does both of these things. I kinda think it’s hot, really. And also, I’m weirdly obsessed with the fact that Matthew Morrison graduated from high school the same year that I did, as if that means something.

I’m sorry. I’ve tried. But the truth of the matter is, I’m just not that into vampires.

I have this very strong desire to someday sing backup for a band. Not like professionally as a career, just sometime at a bar, maybe.

As the parent of a certain generation, am I supposed to abhor Barney? Because I don’t think it’s so awful. But maybe that’s because it’s one of the only TV shows that captures Rowan’s attention for more than a few seconds at a time, thus allowing me to get dressed in the mornings without a toddler pawing at me for something.

I am a terrible blog/Flickr/Facebook commenter, but I don’t think it’s for lack of effort. I actually write a lot of comments (well, when I’m compelled), but for some reason, I delete them instead of hitting publish. I’m super sensitive when it comes to tone in e-mails and comments, so I tend to evaluate my own comments on that same nit-picky scale of sensitivity. Like, even though I’m usually well meaning, if there’s even an ounce of language that could be construed in a negative way, I just don’t want to take the risk of being misunderstood. Ditto, A LOT of tweets that never see the light of day.

OK, I feel better now. Anything you want to confess? Consider the comments a safe haven.



  1. Oh my yes on the Burger King craving. Aside from Chick Fil A (which I can’t get here in MI, SOB) BK is my fast food choice. I haven’t had it since probably last August when I was driving out to the shore but the last few weeks I have had to resist from turning in when I drive by. The amount of time I’ve spent thinking about a chicken sandwich and fries is bordering on ridiculous.

  2. I’m with you on a lot of these. I don’t like clothes shopping with Mr. Darcy. He’s not that into it and I don’t like someone hovering around me while I investigate options. Though every time I go to Ross I regret it because the one time I find something worth buying the line is inevitably so long and full of asshats that I wish I had never come there.

    I don’t give a shit about Vampires.

    I don’t eat fast food either though sometimes I want a McDonald’s sundae. Reminds me of my childhood.

    I think Mr. Schu is cute when he dances and sings- especially for a white guy. ;-)

    I always flick through songs. I know what song it is right away and know if I am in the mood for it. Lately I like nothing in my iTunes.

    The only reason I don’t like Barney is – I was in charge of the party department at Michaels during Barney’s hey day and had to listen to his video on a constant loop all day long. Made me want to go deaf. I have never fully recovered.

    I would like to sing in public someday instead of just in my car or to friends on their birthdays.

  3. Tawny

    I am so tired of the stupid Twilight movies! While I really enjoyed the books…..I hate the movies. I heard they are making the third book into two movies……make it stop! I do however love True Blood!

    My fast food of choice will always be Taco Bell!

  4. I’m not a fan of the Twilight movies, but I kind of am sad that I don’t get to see the third one with my best friend.

    And Vahid does that with songs and it drives me nuts. Nuts!

  5. A couple of times my husband came home from work with a guilty look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he said, “I had Le Roi de Burger for lunch”. “Oh, that’s not a big deal.” “Yes, but I’ve felt sick ever since.” It happened twice and it hasn’t happened since! You’re probably much better off for not giving in!

  6. I once got an email that said,”I like all of the music in my iTunes, except when it’s on shuffle, then I like about one in every fifteen songs in my iTunes.”

    I’ve always liked vampires. Big fan of The Lost Boys and books like Salem’s Lot, Dracula. I like the idea of the Twilight stories and enjoyed the books. I do not like, however, all the hype. Why must I choose Team Edward or Team Jacob? These people are not real. And Bella is kinda annoying (especially when being played by Kristen Stewart). I think the movies have sucked all the enjoyment out of the series for me. No more Glitterati, please. And Jacob, put on a shirt.

    My fast food weakness – McDonald’s fries and strawberry shake. Grew up on those.

    I do not like Barney. In fact, I’m a bit of a children show snob. We don’t watch Dora or Diego if we can avoid it (stop yelling, Dora, you aren’t real). But I do enjoy The Wonder Pets and Olivia and Curious George and Martha Speaks. In fact, we watched The Cartoon Network the entire time we were in the hospital when Ainsley was born and I’m a little excited about doing it again.

  7. I am loving people who are all “I hate Twilight! But I love True Blood!” Because, to me, True Blood has quickly spiraled into the cheesiest soap opera on HBO. Or Showtime. Whatever channel it’s on. And yes, I was a total fan of the first season, and hi, I have read ALL TEN of the books, but seriously? SO CHEESY. And fake bloody.

    You know how I feel about vampires and vampire stories, but I feel compelled to admit that I totally bought The Lost Boys (that movie is so hilarious) at Target this weekend for $4.95.

    I can really only shop alone. I mean, I can wander stores with friends, especially if I don’t need anything, but actual “I need to cross shit off a list” shopping? I fly (Hans) solo.

    Also! Do you remember when McDonald’s had REAL soft-serve ice-cream? It must have been when I was 8. Or younger. And it was SO GOOD. None of this artificial chocolate/strawberry/vanilla garbage that it is now. I miss you McDonald’s soft-serve.

    Oh, and sometimes, I have full-on conversations with myself in the car, on long road trips. I just talk to myself, or sometimes even talk about story ideas (and sometimes record them; I am a HUGE NERD, and hi, the iPhone is so handy!), or just amuse myself by taking self-portrait after self-portrait to battle the boredom.

  8. I actually love the songs that shuffle on my iPod SO MUCH that I find it hard to learn to new music. I will start listening to a new song or band and within 30 seconds I just want to play an old favorite.

    I sometimes wish I was more involved online. Like, I wish I could comment on more blogs, tweet more or even IM with people during work. But, I don’t have the time from 9 to 5, and by the time I get home I’m drained. So, I feel like I miss out on a lot of online relationships. If that makes sense.

    I was introduced to the Anne Rice vampire books last year. I only read the first two and really liked them, but I feel like I’m kind of a vampire purist. I have not tried to read or watch any Twilight/True Blood nonsense. I can only deal with Lestat and his crew.

    I love it anything Will Shuester does as long as it doesn’t involve Emma or his ex-wife. I don’t care about his personal life, oddly. I just want him to sing and dance and shake his ass.

  9. (please excuse any weird auto-correct typos. iPhone is not letting me view entire comment)

    Wait, wait, wait. You’re telling me there are people who don’t find Mr Schu smokin’ hot? I don’t like Kanye West or particularly enjoy that New Jack Swing number, except when Schu was doing them.

    Have not read the Twilight books and don’t plan to, though eventually I think I’ll read the Sookie / True Blood books even though I’ve never seen the show.

    And we eat fast food waaaaaay more often than I like to admit.

  10. I too listen to my iPod on shuffle, usually because I can’t pick just one album to listen to. However, then several songs will pop up that I’m just not in the mood for, so I skip them. When you’re trying to work and spending more time skipping songs than typing, that can be a problem.

    I also love Mr. Schu. I love his singing, especially those cheesy 80s songs (Ice Ice Baby!). His dancing can be a little lame, but I think it’s more endearing than anything.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you, when did Rowan stop needing to eat in the middle of the night? Do you remember? It’s still early for our little guy, I know, but this week has been particularly tiring, so I just need something to look forward to…

  11. Oh you don’t know how happy your BK confession made me. Every now and again I’ll see a Wendy’s and think, “who would know if I went and ate a large french fry?” and so far I’ve only given in once and done it. Oh the guilt!

  12. I have the big, huge hots for Mr. Schu also. He’s got that sexy geek thing going on that I love so much. Rawr!

  13. I kind of get what they mean about Mr. Schu. I love him, but for some reason I get uncomfortable when he dances. Maybe it’s because I imagine how I would feel if I was in high school and my teacher started doing that?

    I used to sing backup for a friend of mine at a bar. We would perform every Tuesday and Friday night, and I would get $60 every time I did it! It was super awesome until he confessed that he was in love with me (he was married – I wasn’t at the time). That was when I realized how naive I really was. Needless to say, I no longer sang with him.

  14. I rarely listen to my iPod on shuffle…drives me nuts, thinking what I might miss next and I end up not listening to the entire song. My confession about music is that I will OBSESS on an album or artist and listen to practically nothing else for days, weeks, going on months right now. It often happens after I see someone live or when I stumble upon something new that I love.

    I don’t like Glee.
    I don’t like vampires.
    Zombies are pretty cool though & I’m looking forward to The Walking Dead tv show this fall.
    (Am I no longer welcome here?)

  15. Gabby

    My family spends so much money at TJ Max I think it starts to defeat the purpose, so yeah, I get that one totally.

    And I completely relate to your facebook/blog comment thing, I have the same pang of worry before I hit “submit” that something is going to be taken the wrong way, but maybe the difference between you and me is that I say “oh well” and hit submit anyway. For better or worse. Probably for worse, more often than not.

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