Smoke and pumpkins

Now that Rowan is of a certain age, we hoped to take him to a pumpkin patch this year, as a rite of passage. But as it turned out, the weather has been less-than-stellar (big surprise), we’ve been booked pretty solid most of October, and well, the thought of traipsing out to the country so he could run around in the mud and point out all the “cunkins” in order to get that perfect picture for his (woefully incomplete) baby book renders me exhausted. It’s just … not going to happen this year.

But that’s OK, especially when our favorite grocery store displays its pumpkins out front in a setting that very closely resembles a typical pumpkin patch, complete with hay bales and award-winning, monster-sized freakshow gourds. I mean, had I not told you about our non-existent plans to visit an actual patch, you’d never know these shots were snapped at the grocery store. Am I right?

Punkin head

Dis one

Squash suspicious

(Dude, I’d be suspicious of a pumpkin that was bigger than me, too.)

As my mom would say: good enough for government work.



  1. gabby

    Uh… … is that last picture of a fake pumpkin, or a real pumpkin? I feel pretty worried about that pumpkin if it’s a real pumpkin. I mean, I know Rowan is still not very tall and everything, so maybe my perspective is skewed, but jesus. Rowan could LIVE in that thing.

  2. Love.Your.Mom

    Sniggy and the big pumpkin photo is just so cute…
    Oh.. and the cunkins at the grocery store are less pricey too, so who cares? I am sure Rowan didn’t know the difference.

  3. Reasons I love this post:

    1. You were clever enough to realize the grocery pumpkins looked just as good as patch pumpkins.

    2. You admitted your cleverness.

    3. There are Rowan pics <3

  4. I would never! have guessed you took any of these pictures at the grocery store. Also: you are hilarious. Also: I’m scared of the size of that last pumpkin. WHO BUYS THAT?

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