Home for the holidays

Our little family Christmas has come and gone, and it was just what I hoped for: quiet, mellow, made up entirely of our own agenda. It was the first year in many that we didn’t spend hours upon hours traveling to be somewhere else, to see as many relatives and friends as possible within a limited window of time, and while I did miss the certain brand of chaos and crazy that comes with a holiday away, I very much enjoyed the fact that we didn’t go anywhere. I mean, we barely even left the house unless we had to, and it was just nice to stay inside, in our pajamas, with nothing else to do but catch up on movies.*

Speaking of movies, or more specifically, ancient VHS cassette tapes, my dad sent me a video of Christmas in 1982, when I was 3 years old, and Roth resurrected our old VCR so we could watch the tape. (THE TAPE!) He had to repair the machine, like with tools from the garage, to remove another stuck tape, and we just had to laugh at what looked like some sort of archaeological dig happening in our living room. The VCR: such a relic of our past. Rowan was definitely perplexed by the whole operation, having never seen such a machine before. And yet, on the video, you can hear my both my grandma and my mom comment on how amazing! how innovative! how neat! home video technology was in 1982. You should see the low-fi quality of this video when compared to videos taken today by objects much, much smaller than VHS cassettes. It’s all relative, I suppose, and 28 years from now, I’m sure Rowan will talk about how weird it was that his mom used to have a blog.

Rowan scored big on Christmas, with great gifts from all the grandparents, and an awesome play tent from us. Ahem, I mean Santa. Roth and I exchanged stocking stuffer gifts — little things we thought the other would enjoy, like an adorable mini-purse from Anthropologie for me and a subscription to Cooks Illustrated for him. But the peace de resistance, our ultimate splurge, came the weekend before Christmas, when we snagged ourselves a 40-inch flat screen Sony Bravia for a steal. (Like, waaaay below cost, apparently.) We hadn’t planned on such a lavish gift for ourselves, but the TV was such an incredible deal (from the Sony Store), and we couldn’t pass it up. I have to say, it’s pretty awesome, being able to stream movies through Netflix in high definition. Upgrade!

My office shuts down every year between Christmas and New Years, so I’m home this week with Rowan. We’ve spent most of it so far inside, thanks to endless rainy weather and a raging case of pinkeye (him, not me), but the end of the week is looking up, with my mom and step dad coming in to town for the long weekend. The only thing on their agenda is to hang out with Rowan, so I’m hopeful Roth and I can sneak away for a theater movie. (I think True Grit is the frontrunner, but I’d also like to see Black Swan. Any strong arguments for either one?)

I hope you’ve all had a lovely holiday so far, and I hope to return soon with much more to say.

Holiday greetings 2010

*Over the holiday break, we’ve watched:
Easy A (Loved it!);
She’s Out of My League (Kerri recommended it, and it was unexpectedly really funny!);
I’m Still Here (Oh, Joaquin Phoenix, what were you thinking?);
Toy Story 3 (I didn’t cry at the end, but then, I was never emotionally invested in this series and am only now watching them because I now have a kid.);
Scott Pilgrim Versus The World (Surprisingly delightful!);
Going The Distance (Cute, funny, and did nothing to quell my decades-long girlcrush on Drew Barrymore.)

Still in the queue:
The Town
Knight and Day



  1. I just saw True Grit yesterday and is was excellent! Definitely worth seeing. I’ve had my eye on Black Swan for ages, though (I have so much love for Darren Aronofsky movies!), so I’d be hard-pressed to pass up that opportunity…

  2. I wanted to like Knight and Day but it’s just awful. We turned it off mid-way.

    The Town is good, though!

    I’m seeing True Grit tonight and saw Black Swan last week, so I’ll give you an update :)

  3. Scott Pilgrim was probably my favorite movie of the year! Granted, going to a secret sneak preview screening at Comic-Con with the director and cast that included a concert after made it even more awesome!

    I don’t have kids, but have always LOVED Toy Story. However, I thought ‘3’ was kind of boring and fell asleep, so I missed the end and didn’t cry either.

  4. Love.Your.Mom

    Yes, we’ll babysit. I would see True Grit. We loved it. You can’t go wrong with a classic redone by the Coen Bros.. and Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon in it. See you tomorrow.. :-)

  5. We’ve of course already talked about this but I loved! Scott Pilgrim, and She’s Out Of My League AND Easy A, and I laughed a lot while watching Going The Distance.

    Knight and Day? I wish I would have skipped it, as my instincts originally told me I should. I don’t dig Cruise anymore and never really dug Diaz, and so the pair of them together (combined with a ridiculous storyline and sub-par acting) = me cringing and/or laughing most of the movie. I really don’t know how I made it to the end.

    I really enjoyed The Town, though! Something about Boston accents…And Ben Affleck’s abs…Ahem.

  6. We too have a Christmas video from the early 80s. When my parents first got a (ginormous) video camera and VCR. My dad set it up to tape our whole gift unwrapping. The thing is hilarious, with me being a whiny brat at age 4 and my brother picking his nose, trying to be funny, when no one is watching. Good times! And yes, how we were all amazed at the technology. Crazy!

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