Pound your fist and cross it off your list

As last year came to a close, and everyone started posting their annual “This is what I did” recaps, I felt like because I didn’t blog nearly as much as I have in previous years that maybe I didn’t really do all that much last year. But, as I reviewed the list of goals I put together for myself and my family for the coming decade, I quickly discovered that I (well, we) managed to cross many of them off the list in the first year, and perhaps our 2010 was far better than I immediately remembered.

Additionally, I traveled quite a bit last year for work, to New York, Orlando and Dallas. Rowan and I flew to California by ourselves twice, and once with Roth. We went on a mini weekend getaway to Victoria, BC on an unseasonably warm February weekend. I made the trek down to Portland twice on my own (to see Kerri and other blog pals) and once with Roth, Rowan and my mom in the summer. And most recently, we drove through Washington and Oregon to Redding to be with Roth’s family for Thanksgiving. Again, nothing to snuff at.

Two-thousand and ten was a good year.

And since several of my decade goals were completed, I’ve decided to add to my overall list (I suppose one might call this a Life List *eye roll*), for this year and beyond, and to bring a few items from the initial list into sharper focus for 2011, specifically.

New for this year (or the next — there’s really no pressure to perform here):

Use up all of my Groupon and coupon site vouchers before buying another one
Find and try a spin cycling class (I’ve done spin before — just not up here in Seattle.)
Unsubscribe from daily e-mail newsletters I never, ever look at before hitting delete every morning
Ditto blogs I never, ever actually read that fill up my Google Reader, making me feel anxious upon seeing that un-read number
Get a passport for Rowan
Lose 25 pounds
Master the perfect pizza dough
Sign Rowan up for swimming lessons
Go on at least one date with Roth every month
(Find a regular babysitter!)
Get a promotion at work
Make more soups and stews
Organize our garage (and subsequently, get rid of a lot of crap in there!)
Paint our living room and dining area
See a band or musical act we’ve never seen live before (Am thinking Damien Rice, Iron & Wine, Mumford & Sons)
Stress less
Set aside a half day every month just to write, alone
Write more, period

    Specifically for this year, as taken from my initial list:

    Take a dance class
    Take the train to Vancouver with my boys for a weekend getaway
    Start a college fund for Rowan
    Save for and buy a DSLR camera
    Read a book every month
    Grow my hair out
    Remodel the laundry room
    Get back into hiking
    Plan, save for and take a family vacation to Hawaii Mexico (Looks like we’ll be going on a cruise to Mexico for my in-laws’ 40th wedding anniversary in June. Ole!)
    Host another fancy, themed dinner party

      *This is already in the works for the immediate future. Oh yes, it is.



      1. I felt the same way when I reviewed my goals for the year: disappointed in myself at first and then pleasantly surprised by my progress. Good on you!

      2. I’ve made the same commitment about my Living Social & Group On deals. I have to use the ones I have before I can buy new ones. Thanks for inspiring me to go to Nia this weekend. :-)

        I hope 2011 is equally as great for you.

      3. Wow, you really did have a great year! You were much more productive than I was and I don’t have a kid (or a job, now).

        2010 was a year of transition for me. I turned 35 and felt compelled to make big changes, so I quit my job. Yikes. And then I got engaged.

        I hope we get to spend more time together this year. I’m trying to make my friendships a bigger priority. Oh, and one day Andrew and I are going to cook dinner for you and Roth! (Eat before you come over, though. Just to be on the safe side.)

      4. Dude, you have some awesome goals. I really want to know what colors you are going to paint your living and dining rooms. I love painting rooms (and sadly now I can’t because of apartment dwelling). I am such a sucker for that kind of thing, weird I know. But yeah you have some awesome goals and I can see more than enough great stories coming from them. (also it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go rollerstaking any time soon, sad face!)

      5. I’m glad I’m not the only one eye rolling at Life Lists. I have (and have long had) a list called “Things I Want to Do” but it feels more organic than the Life List craze. Maybe that’s mean…

        Also, I’m going rollerskating on Saturday for my niece’s birthday party!

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