Top Five Friday: Currently

Just a simple list of what I’ve been enjoying lately.

1. Currently reading: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer
I decided to read this book not with the intention of becoming a vegetarian — though, I realize that could change once I finish the book — but mostly out of plain curiosity. Like the author, who is also a parent to a young boy, I want to know why we eat some animals and not others. As Rowan gets older, I want to be able to speak with certainty, authority and conviction on the matter to help our family make educated decisions about the food we eat.

2. Currently listening to: The King is Dead by The Decemberists
I’ve never considered myself a fan of The Decemberists, mainly because I just didn’t understand their sound. Like, maybe I wasn’t hip enough to listen to them? I heard a snippet of their new album the other day, and I was instantly intrigued by their “new” sound, which is much more … twangy Americana? I don’t really know how to describe it (see: not hip), but I am absolutely loving the album. From the opening track “Don’t Carry It All” to the sweet closing track “Dear Avery,” everything in between is highly listenable. An instant favorite.

3. Currently craving: more dance-centric fitness opportunities
Sometimes Roth forgets — and so do I, frankly — that I used to dance a lot when I was younger. Yes, often in my bedroom with the door closed, but I also took dance classes in high school and college, and while I never could’ve pursued a career in it, I think it’s safe to say I have natural rhythm … as opposed to Roth, who … does not. (Sorry, honey! You’re a much better cook than I am!) As I embark on this mission to get fit, I’m finding that I enjoy exercise so much more if there’s really good music and an opportunity to dance. I tried Zumba the other night, and it was fun, but I really like the more free-form structure of Nia. It’s so easy to get lost in the music and just let my body move. I also picked up the game Dance Central for the Xbox Kinect, and Roth and I have been having a lot of fun “dance battling” each other in the living room, too.

4. Currently streaming: Catfish
Have you heard of this documentary? I didn’t know much about it until we decided to watch it the other day, and wow. It kind of blew my mind. There’s some debate online as to the authenticity of the story, but regardless, it certainly brings up some interesting issues about the relationships we have online with people we think we know. I mean, I think I say with confidence that I do know everyone I am friends with on Facebook, but … do I? For the most part, I am only connected with people I have met in real life — family members, of course, friends from high school, work colleagues, bloggers I’ve gotten to know beyond their blog — but of that last category, is everyone really who they say they are? For anyone who spends any amount of time on Facebook and other social media sites, I highly recommend Catfish.

5. Currently thrilled about: the condition of my skin
I’ve mentioned this a few times recently, that I’ve been really displeased about my skin over the last several months. I’ve forever suffered with adult acne, but it’s been mostly manageable with the help of a birth control pill and a mild topical. More recently, though, my skin seemed to have exploded, and bad breakouts were more common than not. I did some investigating into the various things that could’ve been causing the zits, and I decided that likely the main culprit was the Mirena. Not only was the Mirena making me feel a little (more) crazy (than normal), I was sure the hormones were making me break out. So, I had the thing yanked. I went back on a traditional birth control pill, started seeing a dermatologist, started using two different topicals (Acanya and Differen), stopped using scrubs and toners, simplified my skin care routine to just Aveeno Positively Radiant and CeraVe lotion, and started drinking tons of water. Three months later, my skin is blemish free. There is still some redness and mild scarring on my chin, but the congestion that was always just under the surface, waiting to rupture, is gone. My skin is clear and smooth. And, it makes me oh-so-happy.

What are you currently enjoying?



  1. Clear skin cannot be over-rated. I can tell when I drink enough water, sleep enough and work out that my skin is happy. I’m glad that you’re happy with yours!

    I am loving The Decemberists new album but I always loved them. I’m particularly loving the song, “Rise to Me”.

    Jonathan Safran Foer is one of my favorite authors. I also adore his wife, Nicole Krauss. If you haven’t read her- DO!

    Let’s do a Nia/Remedy date soon. That was fun. :-)

  2. Catfish sounds interesting, especially when I consider that most of my friends are “blogger friends” that I’ve met.

    I wish I had clear skin, but I still break out, not as bad as I used to but I still do. My friend is forever trying to get me to go on the birth control she uses because it’s made her skin so much better but I don’t take any birth control now and I am the worst with pills.

    They offer a Nia class at the rec center at school, I might have to go check it out now.

  3. Hi, pretty! (I love that I get to see your face in T-minus 18 hours or so; that math is probably wrong, but whatever, I hate math.)

    I love your Top Five lists. And I’m so! excited about the new music I am no doubt going to love after this weekend. And about rollerskating! And about The King’s Speech!

    Mostly I just can’t wait to hang out with you and I thank my lucky stars quite often that Seattle and Portland are Not So Very Far Away.

    (Also: I am who I say I am. If who I say I am is really really ridiculously good looking.*)

    *Ha! (Name that movie!)

  4. Love.Your.Mom

    The Decmeberists almost sound (dare I say) country – rockish and as you know, I like me some country. I like the sample song you posted very much. I may have to listen to more of their music. Glad your skin is getting much better. As you know, I have never really struggled with acne much so you can’t blame me. You seem pretty happy lately and that makes me happy. Safe travels to Portland and hello to Kerri Anne.

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