So, I turned 32 last week

I can’t really think of anything witty or smart to say about turning 32. I don’t feel old, I don’t feel young. I’m just … 32. And that’s OK.

The only bit of wisdom I can extol as I enter my 32nd year is to take the day off from work on your birthday. I don’t know why it’s taken me so many working years to figure this out, but from now on, I will always plan a vacation day on the actual day.

Which is what I did last Thursday. Roth took the day off, too, and we had ourselves a day date while Rowan was at daycare. I went to a spa in the morning, got a pedicure, then met up with Roth and had lunch (dumplings at Din Tai Fung), followed by a movie in a theater (Drive, which I LOVED). We barely made it in time to get Ro from daycare, but it was awesome. I didn’t check my work e-mail once, and I *think* I actually managed to relax a bit. Couldn’t really ask for more for my birthday.

Except there was more! We also took Friday off from work (Roth had a couple of use ‘em or lose ‘em vacation days he needed to burn), and the three of us headed east to Lake Chelan for two nights. It was the off season at the lake, so we got a good rate on a room at a popular resort, and we just continued to veg the next two days. The weather was cool, but it was clear, which made for a lovely visit to a nearby farm for a fall hayride through apple orchards and a pumpkin patch.

This was also our first time getting a hotel room with two beds so Rowan could have his own. And let me tell you, that was a game changer for us. The last time we slept in the same bed as Kicky McKickerson was during our Oregon Coast trip, and if we can help it, NEVER AGAIN. Sure, he’s still a noisy sleeper — he talks in his sleep! — but we all slept so much better in our own beds.

Coming up this week, I’m headed to LA on Thursday for a very swank book launch event I helped to coordinate (possible celeb sightings, ahoy!), and then flying to the Bay Area and driving to the Central Valley to see my dad for two days. He just had his second chemo treatment this week, and hopefully by the time I arrive on Friday, he’ll be feeling pretty good so we can go on a photo walk and see a movie.

I’m back home on Monday, and then it looks like Roth has a work trip at the end of the following week, so things are kinda crazy-hectic around these parts as we head into the final stretch of October.

Man, where did this year go?



  1. I took my birthday off this year, too – and I definitely agree that it’s a little luxury everyone should indulge in! It was even better that my birthday was on a Friday – loved the three-day weekend!

    Glad your birthday was a fun day…travel safely in the weeks ahead. =)

  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a great four-day birthday weekend. I think I’m inspired… I’m going to go look at my calendar and see if I could take the day off on my birthday in December. Thanks!

  3. Sounds perfect…my birthday was last Friday. I turned 33, and we went out for sushi and then to see Drive. haha It was fabulous! I feel like my younger self would have scoffed at this celebration but if felt fantastic! Happy Belated!

  4. Your birthday sounds so lovely! Also, a big all-capped YES to getting two beds when traveling with a toddler. It makes all the difference in the world.

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