Pinteractive: Potty talk is in the house

For the most part, I peruse Pinterest for pretty, pretty things. My “Likes” tab is filled with Mason jar terrariums, Veronica Lake-inspired hair tutorials, turquoise shoes I could never afford (nor would be brave enough to wear), and photos of ultra-styled, natural light-filled spaces adorned with IKEA bookcases and vibrant rugs. Pinterest is a wonderful place to get lost in all things pretty.

And then there is this.


Yes, that’s a toilet seat. But not just ANY toilet seat. I first saw this amazing creation on Pinterest, right about the time we were potty training Rowan, and I immediately sought it out for our bathroom.

You may not think a toilet seat with a built-in toddler-sized seat is a thing of beauty, but you’d be wrong. Gone are the days of rinsing out a portable plastic potty seat. Blech! Gone are the days of having to remove a toddler seat from atop the toilet before sitting down yourself. Cripes! The smaller seat nestles right into the lid and is held up with a magnet. When your kid is big enough to use the full-size seat, you simply remove the smaller seat. It’s a beautiful invention for us parents of small children. J’adore!

I’ve since seen this same toilet seat in the houses of two of our friends, and I’d like to think my enthusiasm for this product has had a little something to do with the happiness of others. Best $45 I’ve spent in a long time. Amirite, friends?

Ours is by Bemis, and we got it at our local Home Depot, though I think American Standard makes one, too. Just make sure you verify what kind of toilet seat you need — round or elongated — and enjoy the potty!



  1. Thanks for this! I saw one of these in the last week or two and was tempted to buy it but man was it ugly. Now I know where to get a good lookin’ toilet seat. As a mom with 2 boys (3 yrs and almost 2 yrs), I really get excited about this. Just the thought of getting rid of our Sesame Street toddler seat makes me want to do a happy dance. Off to Home Depot!

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