I have no medical evidence to back me up, but something happened during the operation that staved off that infection. Something beyond science. Something perhaps from above …

My car is having open heart surgery this week. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s currently at the dealer completely opened up with the bottom part of the engine exposed. THANK GOODNESS we opted to pay extra for an additional year for the extended warranty because Toyota Care is covering more than $5,000 to replace the “short block.” This all came about due to a pesky oil consumption problem that we had to document for the last few months, and finally my car — that is only 6 years old, that we are still PAYING for — is getting fixed … just 5,000 miles shy of and a couple months before the warranty expiration date. When does THAT ever happen?

Related, when we were at the dealer this morning picking up a loaner car, our rep showed us my car with most of the engine removed, and indeed, we could see the issue. Later, Roth e-mailed me to say he wished he had a Junior Mint on hand to toss into the open cavity … just in case.


Yesterday, because my car was at the dealer, and I hadn’t yet been authorized to get a loaner car, Roth had to drive both Rowan and me to and from work and daycare. On the way home, Rowan was yammering on in the back seat, as he typically does, and he started telling us about some toy he wanted — I think maybe he was describing a monster truck that drives itself, but it most definitely has a “emote control.”

“Man, I sure wish YOU had an emote control,” Roth piped in my direction.

HAA. Oh, I’m sure you do.


Even though we know it, have visual proof and everything, it still doesn’t quite feel real that we’re having another baby. I’m barely showing, though if you didn’t know I was pregnant, you might just think I’d eaten a very large burrito for lunch. And the elusive early baby kicks are mostly evading me so far, too.

When we moved, I found a box of maternity clothes from last time, which I’d dutifully saved to use again, but there are three problems. One, they are mostly for warmer weather, and I will be pregnant now through April, which means I’ll probably experience sunlight and warmth on my skin, um, never. Two, they are kind of out of style. And, three, the biggest problem of all, is that I am much smaller now than I was at the start of my last pregnancy. Everything is just … SO big. Like, two sizes too big.

I think this means I need to buy a few new items to get me through this pregnancy, but every time I browse maternity clothes online, I instantly feel overwhelmed. Maybe this is because I don’t yet NEED maternity clothes, or maybe I’d just like to find a way to yoga pants and long-sleeved tees until April. Perhaps I’m having a bit of PTSD?


This morning, while Roth was in the shower and I was still languishing in bed, Rowan came thumping down the stairs and into our room. I coaxed him into our bed to snuggle, but he just wanted to watch his shows, so I turned on an episode of Curious George (thanks to our awesome new Roku box!) and cuddled next to him.

Out of the blue, he asked, “Where will the new baby sleep, Mama?”

“In here, with us, for awhile.”

“Well, you can put a crib in my room, if you want.”

“Babies wake up a lot, Rowan, and make a lot of noise, you know. You might not like that very much.”

“I know, but I will be very, very quiet.”

And my heart melted right then and there.


On very rare occasions, I am able to convince Rowan to snuggle up close to me. He’s always such a ball of energy, ever moving here and there, even when he’s “sitting” and watching TV. So, whenever he IS in the mood to play the little spoon, I eat it up. As was the case this past Sunday. Not sure what got into him, but he asked for “Mama time,” and for almost an hour, he and I layed together on the couch under a blanket and watched AFV, as we typically do on Sunday nights before bed.

It was … so nice.



  1. We call Kyle “Squirms A Lot” because even when he’s still, he’s so rarely really still. So when he does that same thing, snuggles up and is so still, I DIE. It’s my favorite thing in all of the world. And I have a lot of favorite things.

    (I’m so glad you’re posting more. I’ve missed you.)

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