Half-time show

Time sure is a trickster, isn’t it? How can it be that it’s already December, and that the end of another year is nigh on the horizon? That we’re preparing to celebrate Rowan’s fourth trip around the sun, followed in short order by Christmas and all that jazz? And yet, on the other hand, it feels like I’ve been pregnant already for a thousand weeks instead of just 20, as my pregnancy app tells me, and I still have so far to go.

Perhaps I’ve felt every single week of this pregnancy because my body (and the wee baby inside of it) has not let me forget it for one second, what with the weekly puke sessions I thought were just a myth the last time I performed in this three-ring circus. I’d hoped by now I’d see the return of my energy, as is typical of the second trimester, but all I want to do every night after work is put on comfy pants and wrap myself into a cocoon. The absence of light and presence of cold certainly doesn’t help, but still: it seems my energy is taking a sabbatical all winter long.

Belly, 19(ish) weeks

The good news is, outside of all the barfing and general malaise, that everything is going well with the pregnancy. All my early blood work came back normal, no signs of defects, and on Monday, we got to see Sapling wiggle and squirm for good 45 minutes during the anatomy ultrasound, which of course, also would’ve been the big gender reveal, had we wanted to find out the sex. We stuck to our guns, though, and didn’t peek as the technician poked around the baby’s parts. Not even my doctor knows if this baby is a boy or a girl because the ultrasound report did not surreptitiously include this information. So, it will be a surprise for everyone come April, I’ll still get more ultrasound though, I love getting them, my doctor has the best equipment from https://www.butterflynetwork.com!

Baby, 19(ish) weeks

In between then and now, though, are a few big events to look forward to. First up is Rowan’s 4th birthday, for which we are celebrating with a make-your-own pizza party at a parlor down the street. The next weekend we are driving down to California to spend Christmas with Roth’s family, followed by a couple of days at my dad’s before heading back up to Seattle before the New Year.

Just a couple of weeks after that, we’re headed to Maui! I almost can’t believe it’s true since about a month ago, we weren’t sure we could even swing the trip. But, we searched high and low for a flight deal, secured a sitter (my mom!) for Rowan, booked lodging, confirmed the time off work, and it’s a go! This trip is part babymoon (gah, I know), part Roth’s birthday celebration, as he will turn 35 the day we fly back to Seattle. I’m really glad we were able to make this trip a reality. Once Sapling gets here, I don’t envision us going on a vacation again until … um.

See, time IS a trickster.



  1. Well, if you’re taking predictions, I’m going with a girl. Because I didn’t feel nearly this rotten (the puke, the dry heaves still(!), the exhaustion that hasn’t gone away) with my boy. And lo and behold, we’re having a girl. So, I think all that extra estrogen must do a number on me.

    And since you’ve seemed to be feeling similar, compared to Rowan, I’ll guess female all the way. But we’ll see! ;)

  2. When my doctor was going over our anatomy scan info with me, she was like, “And the genitalia look good… Oh, it says you didn’t find out the sex.” I thought there was just a note on my chart not to tell me what it was, but I later realized that not even she knows! Makes it even more fun.

    I’m so jealous of Maui. Seriously, it sounds divine. I hope your puking subsides by then so you can thoroughly enjoy it!

  3. When couples opt not to find out the sex of their baby, my doctor doesn’t find out either. She says she’s always too scared she’ll spill the beans. ALSO: she told me that she notes EVERYWHERE on the charts that the sex is to be left a surprise as she’s had L&D staff ruin it at the hospital. That would suck to wait ALL THAT TIME and then have it ruined at the last minute.

    Also: that pizza party sounds like tons of fun! Filing that idea away for Henry when he’s bigger.

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