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Oh, hello! And a belated Happy New Year to you!

It’s hard to believe it’s more than a week into the new year let alone that it’s already 2013 to begin with. So much of the latter part of 2012 was me telling myself and others, “I’ll deal with THAT next year!” And here it is, next year is now, which means I really need to get my act together with regard to some important things like, say, any kind of baby prep.

Honestly, I’m not too stressed about any of it this time around seeing as we have a whole basement full of baby stuff, but I should probably put together a list of things we’ll need sooner than later and create a timeline for getting it all ready because I’m certain the next 15 (or fewer!) weeks are going to zoom by.

Backing up a bit, though …

We spent the holidays driving a whole lot. Ten-plus hours the first day down to Redding to stay with Roth’s grandma for a night. What should have been 5 hours the next day ended up being 7 hours from Redding to Sonora, thanks mostly to white-knuckled rain-and-wind conditions.

We were so relieved to finally arrive at our Christmas destination — seriously, Roth deserved many beers for getting us there safely — only to experience Barf Fest 2012 a mere 30 minutes later. Poor Rowan had no idea what was happening to him as he puked all over himself, me and the leather couch. We thought maybe he’d eaten a bad burger at In-N-Out earlier in the day, but a couple days later, Roth’s 94-year-old grandma got similarly sick, and then the next night, I got sick, too. It got Roth later the next day (and probably the worst), so I’m fairly certain there was some sort of norovirus/24-hour stomach flu thing swirling around the house that we all (unfortunately) caught.

Thankfully, the stomach flu felled the majority of us AFTER Christmas Eve and Day. Rowan had recovered in time to thoroughly enjoy his spoils from us, the grandparents, Uncle Lane, and of course, Santa. So. Much. Stuff. It’s his last year as a Singleton Grandchild, though, so it just sort of happened. Next year will likely be very different.

A few days later, and after we’d (barely) recovered from the flu, we headed down to visit my dad in Modesto for a couple of days, which was really mellow and probably what we needed after being so violently sick. My dad gave Rowan his first two-wheel bike (with training wheels), so we spent some time outside trying to show him how to pedal. It might be a long road before he fully gets it, but I think the will to learn is there.

On New Years Eve, we left my dad’s house very early and started the 10-hour drive to Bend, Oregon, rather than our usual trek back up I-5. Even though it was a long day of driving and some of the roads were not plowed, it was an awesome diversion from the norm. A longtime blog friend Shannon had hooked us up with a great rate at the hotel where she works. I finally got to meet her and her family for dinner that night, too, which was fun. We were back at the hotel early enough to watch the New Years festivities unfold on the East Coast and then asleep by about 9:30. Par-tay!

After another quick meet-up with Shannon and crew at an awesome coffee-slash-beer-slash-bike-and-snow-board-repair shop (Bend, you so quirky!), we started the final leg of our journey home. The drive from Bend to Portland to get back to I-5 was farther than I thought, but oh, it was beautiful that day through snow-caked trees with Mt. Hood looming in the distance. We stopped in Portland for a very late lunch with the newly engaged Kerri and Matt, who were also headed home after many, many days on the road. I’m so glad geography worked in our favors so we could see them for a bit before the final 3-hour trudge home to Seattle.

Roth and I both went back to work the next three days, and I promptly came down with a sore throat-turned-head cold that’s still lingering more than a week later. With regard to us getting sick over the holiday break (and me still sick now), I keep telling myself, “Better now than Maui.”

Today we’re a week away from our trip to Maui, and with so much rain coming down, this babymoon-birthday vacation couldn’t be happening at a better time. Am patting myself on the back for making the trip a reality because seriously? WE NEED IT LIKE WHOA.



  1. We got that stomach bug for Christmas too! And there are plenty of other people I know who did. It’s been a ROUGH year for sickness, I feel like.

    Feel better soon. Enjoy Maui. Sounds amazing!

  2. Kelly

    Hi, saw your twitter feed but I’ve ditched my twitter account. I don’t know if you would consider an Eastside preschool but we’ve been very happy with the Bellevue Family Y Child Development Center in downtown Bellevue. It is $940/month for up to 10 hours a day.

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