We’ll always have Maui

In retrospect, the timing of our trip to Maui was quite serendipitous. We’ve since wondered aloud if I’d been laid off before we were set to go if indeed we would have gone, and the answer is always yes. A lot of our trip was pre-paid and non-refundable, and my mom was to fly up from California to watch Rowan while we were gone, so it would’ve been silly to waste the opportunity. Would we have dropped $200 on dinner at Mama’s Fish House while we were there? Maybeee not.

Yes, given what was to happen a few days upon our return, the timing of our trip to Maui was very fortunate. Despite Roth coming down with the flu (yes, the flu-flu) the night before we left (and my unfortunate experience with snorkeling), we really did have a wonderful time.

We stayed at an adorable cottage tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the more touristy parts of the island. It was very peaceful and serene, and just perfect for us.



We ate at amazing restaurants, including the famed Mama’s, but the highlight of the trip was dinner at Hali’imaile General Store.

General Store_Mahi

Ulilanis_Shave ice2

Surfing Goat_Cheese flight

We marveled at awesome vistas, including from 10,000 feet above the island (and clouds) in Haleakala National Park, and the unexpectedly treacherous Hwy 340, which made the Road to Hana seem like a Sunday stroll in the park.



Hwy 340_View2

Hwy 340_Vista

(Much more Maui here.)

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a moment to thank the people who helped make our trip a reality.

First and foremost, there’s my mom, who agreed to come to Seattle in the middle of January to stay at our place with Rowan for five nights. The timing of HER trip was a bit tricky, since she’d just started a job a few days before, but thankfully her new place of employment was understanding of her pre-existing plans, and it was not a big deal for her to be away.

Rowan and my mom got along famously, mostly just hanging out at home because it was bitterly cold that week. That same Friday while I was hyperventilating in the Pacific Ocean, Rowan came down with a stomach bug (again), but my mom handled it well, despite his barfing all over the living room of my mom’s friend’s house. Oy. My cousin Julia, who works as a nurse in Seattle, deserves a shoutout, too, for bringing over Pedialyte and chicken noodle soup for the little sickie.

It was the last time my mom will see Rowan before Baby #2 is born, so I’m pretty sure she enjoyed all the one-on-one time she got with him. I’m pretty sure he enjoyed all that time with his Beppe, too.

Thanks also to Roth’s parents, his brother and his grandmother for helping fund the trip. As aforementioned, we got to eat out at some high-end places and drive all over the island in a rental car, something I don’t think we could’ve done so liberally without that financial support.

Lastly, a HUGE thanks to Roth, who despite feeling like utter crap the first two days we were there, rallied (with the help of Dayquil) to make sure we had a good time and made the most of every experience. Had it been ME who had been sick, the trip wouldn’t have gone as well. Also, Roth deserves a birthday do-over at some point since we spent his 35th on a 5-hour flight back to Seattle. At least there was chocolate cake included with the in-flight meal?

Thanks also for all of the really nice comments and support on my previous post. I plan to write more about how we’re coping with this change of status, but for now, we’ll always have Maui.



  1. Ugh, the last two times Chris got fired/laid off, we had just returned from trips. It IS very serendipitous and not in a good way, huh? Glad you two enjoyed Maui, though, and glad that the trip was not tarnished with bad news beforehand.

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