Hi, I’m Jen. I currently reside in Seattle with my culinarily talented husband Roth and our two devastatingly adorable boys — Rowan, 6, and Milo, 20 months. Originally from California, we moved to the Emerald City in 2005, from the Central Coast of California, where I spent my formative years. I do love California, will always consider myself a California girl at heart, but Seattle has really become our home, despite its bad rap for uncooperative weather most months of the year. Spend one summer here, and you’ll understand.

I’ve had this online space for more than 10 years, which seems like a lifetime in blog years, but I don’t really know what it is anymore. Some days, I think I’m done writing here. Other days, I ache to open up a white blank page and just tell you a story from my life.

Hopefully I’ll figure it out sooner than later. In the meantime, contact me at jen@onenjen(dot)com.