Here comes the wine …

After basking in the glow of our newly engaged status for a couple days, Roth and I buckled down this weekend and secured a place and date for our wedding. The date is Saturday, June 18, 2005, and the place is JanKris Winery in Templeton, CA.

We both knew we wanted to get married at a winery, so after looking at several and discovering that not a lot of wineries in south SLO County do weddings, we headed up to north county where there were a plethora of wineries willing to perform nuptials. As soon we saw JanKris, we both knew it was the right kind of place to have a “our kind” of ceremony and reception. The family-owned winery is very warm and welcoming and willing to let us have a simple yet elegant affair. Nestled in between larger, more popular vineyards, JanKris is cute, quaint and, best of all, affordable!

I went back to the winery with my mom on Sunday. She also loved the place, and when we found out that the date we wanted was open, she said, “Book it!” And then she proceeded to gush over me, how her daughter is going to be a bride, how June 18 will forever be our anniversary, yada yada. I was a tad overwhelmed as we began to hash out some of the little details so far in advance, but overall I felt good knowing that Roth and I now have a definite date and can really start planning the celebrations.

We went out to Scolari’s tonight and bought a bottle of JanKris “Merzin,” a blend of merlot and zinfandel, one of the winery’s specialty wines. The blend is unique, and I quite enjoyed the varietal. Another blend they make is called “Zingiovese,” a combo of zinfandel and sangiovese. I really like the fact that this winery specialiazes in unique and original types of wines. I think this venue will allow us the freedom to have a unique and original type of wedding.


Dueling banjos

A friend sent me this audio link today … very funny. Not sure why the banjo players are a squirrel and a penguin. Nonetheless, it’s funny as hell. Check it out!


It’s official … I’m ENGAGED!

I found out about one more cool thing that can happen when you turn 25 … you can get ENGAGED! That’s right! Roth’s b-day present to me was a beautiful engagement ring.

The way it happened was a total surprise. He took me and Sierra on a hike up Madonna Mountain. Once we reached a certain point on the hike that overlooks the entire city, we stopped to admire the view. And then he started talking about how we’ ve been together for almost five years, how he’s about to finish school, how he’s ready to move on to the next phase of our lives together, and then he got on one knee (in the dirt!) and showed me the ring! Of course, I said yes!

Another great part about the proposal was that Roth was able to ask my dad for his blessing beforehand. When we got home, my dad had cooked us dinner and helped us celebrate. I was really happy that my dad was able to spend some time with me for my birthday and the engagement.

So, now the planning begins … feel free to offer up any advice!


It’s official … I’m OLD!

OK, maybe 25 is not old. But it feels kinda weird to say “I’m 25.” Turning 25 also allows me to do a couple things I couldn’t do before. Like I can now rent a car. And I can run for office. That’s about it. If there are other 25-year-old privileges, please let me know so I can exercise those new rights!

My birthday has been great so far. Breakfast with the “boys” — Roth, Jimmy (my brother) and my dad (who decided last-minute to visit me from Modesto). Then when I got to work, there were balloons, roses and decorations. And then I got a beautiful fall floral arrangement delivered to my desk from Roth :) Hopefully more fun is to come later!