To blog or not to blog

I decided awhile ago that I wanted to have my own blog. It seemed like the “cool” thing to do, to share all my random thoughts and experiences with family, friends and complete strangers. But I got kinda scared. You see, I used to keep journals and diarys all the time when I was a kid. Ultimately, they would all end up abandoned. My favorite was the little pink diary with the lock. I wrote in that one for a long time, but eventually it just sat in my nightstand drawer. I think I even lost the key.

But now that I am older, I miss being able to just write about my life. After admiring several different blogs from afar, I am now ready to have one of my own. Oh blog, I promise I won’t forget about you like the pink diary. There’s just so much more to say now than ever before as my life enters a new stage …


How does this all work?

Hi there. My name is Jen. I live in San Luis Obispo, Calif., with my boyfriend, Roth, and my beagle, Sierra. I am just about a week away from my 25th birthday. I will officially be mid-twenties. Kinda scary. To quote John Mayer, maybe I’ll have a “quarter-life crisis.” Or maybe I’ll just start a blog … More to come.